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We aim to provide medical research institutions, biotech startups, STEM educators, and anyone interested in biotechnology, with exceptionally efficient and affordable biological lab equipment. Our cost-efficient instruments will enhance any research lab or science classroom. With our products, we hope to make biological instruments more accessible, and to allow anyone to get involved in biotechnology.

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Polyfuge is an affordable DIY microcentrifuge for biomedical and biotechnology labs. Whether in a research institution, a classroom, or even at home, Polyfuge enables users of all ages to conduct various DNA extraction protocols and more...

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We are extremely proud to announce that the Polyfuge DIY Microcentrifuge Kickstarter campaign has finally begun! Join us in making Polyfuge a reality! Please support and share our Kickstarter campaign here.

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About Us

At DoubleGene, we hope to create affordable open-source biological research instruments for your research or STEM education programs. Through our products and kits, we intend to amplify the influence of the DIYbio movement...

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