What is DoubleGene?

Democratize Biotechnology

We are a biotechnology startup that aims to make lab equipment accessible for everyone.

In a world where research and healthcare are developing at a rapid pace, it's extremely crucial that medical technologies are made affordable. While public interest in medical research continues to increase, the instruments involved remain expensive and difficult to use.

Our mission is to empower those without access to formal research institutions by creating low-cost open-source laboratory equipment.

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What We've Accomplished

As of now, we have successfully crowdfunded our first product - Polyfuge.

Polyfuge is an open-source Arduino-based microcentrifuge kit that costs only $96. Microcentrifuges are devices used to separate precipitated substances from solution through spinning liquid mixtures at extremely high RPMs.

Polyfuge was fully funded on Kickstarter within 3 days of launch, and received 527% of its initial funding goal by the end of the campaign ($7,600). We have already fulfilled all of our Kickstarter orders, and have delivered complete Polyfuge kits to countries all around the world.

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Group picture with DoubleGene, MIT IMES, MIT Little Devices, Open Style Lab, CareAline, UTMB MakerHealth, and MakerNurse at World Maker Faire 2017.

Where We've Been

We've brought Polyfuge to many public events including World Maker Faire at the New York Hall of Science and STEM Teachers NYC at Columbia University.

We showcased Polyfuge alongside many health-focused makers at World Maker Faire, one of two annual flagship Maker Faire events. It was an amazing experience presenting to such a large amount of attendees, and we were happy to see so much interest in our product and company!

During the event, Polyfuge won two awards: the Editor's Choice and Best in Class ribbons.

Who's Noticed Us?

Throughout the length of our Kickstarter campaign, we were noticed by several influential organizations including:

  • Arduino
  • Make:
  • Engineering.com
  • hackster.io
  • Liberty Science Center
  • STEMteachersNYC
  • GeekDad
  • OpenElectronics

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