About Us

What is DoubleGene?
Princeton, New Jersey

DoubleGene is a biotechnology and biomedical instrument provider based in Princeton, New Jersey. We aim to make basic biological lab technology accessible through providing affordable open-source research equipment for both research labs and STEM education programs. Unlike most research instrument providers, DoubleGene offers products in the form of both DIY Kits and fully assembled units. Thus, students and educators may enhance their knowledge of how our equipment works through assembling and constructing a unit themselves. Our products are exceptionally versatile, and may be used in various settings including startup biotechnology labs, high school or college science classrooms, or even in the homes of individuals passionate about biotechnology.

Jason Wu

Jason is an avid fanatic of biotechnology and electrical engineering. After conducting summer research on hepatic stellate cells at the Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy and the Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences Institute at Rutgers University, Jason became extremely concerned by how inaccessible biological instruments were outside of large established research labs. Consequently, Jason started DoubleGene in order to produce and market more affordable biological lab equipment available for everyone. By providing cost-effective instruments through DoubleGene, Jason hopes to proliferate and heighten public interest in biotechnology.