About Us

The Problem

While the influence of biological research and healthcare continue to expand, the instruments needed in these fields remain expensive and inaccessible to the public. Consequently, it has become nearly impossible to gain practical access to laboratory equipment outside of formal research institutions.

Furthermore, existing options utilize overly complex user interfaces in addition to closed-source hardware/software. This has made it extremely difficult to affordably integrate biotechnology within community labs, hackerspaces, and STEM classrooms.

Our Goal

We aim to democratize the traditional biotechnology lab through developing open-source biotech instrument kits for everyone.

Unlike most commercial research instruments, our devices are based on maker-friendly resources with a focus on accessibility. We hope to enable you in assembling your own biotech equipment using basic materials from any local Makerspace.


Accessible lab instruments are empowering. Whether it's through running DNA gels or plasmid protocols, we recognize that hands-on biological experimentation provides an invaluable experience that has driven scientific discovery for centuries.

Through expanding the accessibility of biotech equipment to the world, we aim to empower those without access to formal research labs so that everyone has the instruments needed to make change.