Polyfuge Boards Ready by Jason Wu

Posted on September 21, 2017

As promised, we've simplified the Polyfuge circuit board from cluttered perfboard to a simple, sleek, and small PCB! This is an extremely large step in our production process, and will make the assembly process easier for our customers.

One of the main areas we have been working on with the Kickstarter funding is the Polyfuge circuit board. In our Kickstarter prototype, we soldered an Arduino Nano to perfboard and made our connections from there. While completely functional, it took around 4-6 hours to produce a single board.

To make the manufacturing of Polyfuge kits easier for us and the assembly process easier for you, we decided to get a custom printed circuit board made. After designing a board using EAGLE CAD, we sent our design to a board house in Shenzhen, China to get over 100+ PCBs made.

As you can see by the blog cover image, they turned out spectacular. Our PCB design uses no surface mount components, meaning that you don't have to make any complicated requests from the board house when getting a board made yourself.

Our board is essentially an Arduino Nano shield with several male breakout pins. This makes the Polyfuge assembly process much easier for the customer as connections can be made using standard jumper wire. No soldering required!

We will be releasing the EAGLE CAD documents for the PCB along with the rest of the Polyfuge hardware/software files open-source in May, 2018.

- Jason Wu