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Polyfuge | A DIY Open-Source Microcentrifuge for Everyone

Polyfuge is an open-source alternative to commercial microcentrifuges.

Made with an Arduino Nano, 2300kv brushless motor, and 12A electronic speed controller, Polyfuge provides effective centrifugation for a substantially lower cost.

Technical Specs

  • Speeds up to 8,000 RPM (~2,800 RCF)
  • Fully 3D-printable and laser-cuttable frame
  • Powered by Arduino
  • Timed & quick spin functions

Polyfuge in STEM Education

Polyfuge provides an exceptional interdisciplinary learning experience for high school or college level students.

Through building a microcentrifuge for basic biological protocols, students learn about both engineering and biological/medical applications of centrifugation.

In addition to instructional documents on creating your own Polyfuge, we will be releasing free STEM education lesson plans highlighting the role of microcentrifuges in separating precipitates.

Polyfuge Open-Source Files

Currently, we have fulfilled all pledges and preorders for our 100+ Kickstarter backers.

As promised, all of the files you need to create your own Polyfuge unit are available open-source in the link below (Arduino Code, hardware BOM, design documents, instruction manual, etc.).

Please note that all Polyfuge software, design documents, and instructions are licensed under the GNU GPLv3.

Polyfuge Open-Source Package